Monday, 16 May 2011


Well today is Monday 16th May and tomorrow I catch the overnight ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. This means that the very first night I will ever have stayed in a campervan will be somewhere in The Netherlands, should be interesting! Looking back it appears I did not mention that I will be travelling alone. This was a decision I made that Sarah understands and is happy to go along with.

I am hoping to write something each evening but will only be able to upload my efforts when I find internet access. I looked into those wifi/roaming/phone dongle thingies but the cost of using one over a few weeks across several European countries was prohibitive. Someone will probably let me know there was a much cheaper alternative but I'm set up now and it might be good that I don't have a permanent internet access. The next post will presumably be about the epic (hopefully not) journey to the ferry and the one after that should see me in Holland ready to experience my first campervan night. I am hoping that the one after that will not be saying that this isn't for me and I'm coming home!


Gargle said...

Hi Paul, well good luck.
Looking forward to reading your exploits.
Remember once you get off the Ferry, the roundabouts are the other way round!

Gargle said...

Why is your blog calling me "Gargle" Paul? I don't like it:(

Paul said...

I was wondering who Gargle was and of course with no name I still don't know! Are you entering a name when commenting?

Auntie Betty said...

Bon Voyage - hope Mr Fluffy doesn't get car sick !!!

Have Fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

But you aren't traveling alone. Fluffy is accompanying you. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of Fluffy enjoying the sights. Aren't you worried that Pengy will be jealous?


Anonymous said...

Good luck Paul, have a great time and safe journey : ) love from Rosie, Sophie and ruby x x