Tuesday, 17 May 2011

We're off!

It's about 10pm and I'm in my cabin on the ferry. It's not due to leave until 11.15 so I will be asleep (hopefully) for most of the crossing to the Hook of Holland, not usually good on these North Sea trips. I've realised that I haven't added any pictures yet apart from the one at the top of the page and now the cable is locked away in the van. I wonder if the camera on the laptop will work, let's see. After a little walk:

The cabin picture was taken with me pressed hard into the corner, yes it's small but has everything I need for the night.

Not much else to report today, the 90 mile journey to Harwich went without any excitement and I arrived far too early. Went into the old town but there's not really much to see at half past five in the afternoon although they seem to have made an effort to publicise their maritime heritage with signs everywhere.

There seems to be an exceedingly slow wifi connection on board so I will try to upload this now.


Sarah said...

Lovely clear pics, Paul! My 'secure' writing for the comment says 'jojoi'! Most readers will know why that's significant. Great to read your blog. All's quiet at Base Camp. xxxxxxxxx

Auntie Betty said...

Small but adequate (size doesn't matter eh???)

You've missed Mike's birthday, Paul, can I have your slice of the cakes that are being shown????

Auntie Betty

Mike said...

Did you manage to sleep alright on the crossing Paul?

Top or bottom bunk?

Biffo's cake was the best (sorry Betty)

Anonymous said...

You sure find out who your friends are - even begrudge me a bit of cake - !!!!

Auntie Betty