Saturday, 28 May 2011

This morning I headed towards where the craft shop should be that Gavin mentioned. Unfortunately none of the locals seemed to know anything about it so I went to the Tourist Information at Mellerud who also didn't seem to know but then finally they realised what it might be and gave me the directions. It ended up being very close to where I had originally asked but a far more beautiful setting. The building itself is not a thing of beauty on the outside, being an old flour mill I think, but inside it is filled with a huge selection of Swedish crafts and gifts. 

Fluffy finds friends wherever he goes.

The building sits at the edge of a lake which has several small islands and later I sat overlooking this lake with my coffee and warm cinnamon bun. It was incredibly peaceful with the only movement being the swallows occasionally flying by. Not even the slight drizzle could upset the scene, in fact it seemed to enhance it. 

I think I could happily have sat there for hours (as long as there was regular coffee and cinnamon buns) but my time was limited so I drove to the town of Åmål about 25 miles away. The road was a bit more of a test to the campervan as it was fairly narrow and twisted and turned through beautiful birch forests, never on the level and in fact there were signs that it would be gradients of 1 in 5 both up and down at times. Although on the sharpest bends with the steepest slopes I did have to drop down to second gear a couple of times, the van didn't feel as though it was ever going to give up. The scenery was fabulous with openings in the forest showing stunning views across lakes. 

Thank you Gavin for suggesting the area.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying your trip as much as we are your blog. From the places you have written about we have been able to track you on Google Earth. Interesting to see if you go left towards Oslo or right towards Stockholm. We'll find out next week. Happy travelling, Tim & Selina

Sarah said...

I'm looking forward to visiting this place with you next time, Paul. Looks and sounds wonderful - the scenery as well as the shop. I hope you're not overfeeding that little penguin. xxxxx

Auntie Betty said...

The best one yet, Paul. Am drooling over the thought of cinnamon buns and craft shops. Lovely idea to convert an old industrial building into something useful for the eye!!

Seriously, there is a book here - still giggling at Fluffy saying hullo to some friends. Could be one of those books that are initially meant for children but which are just as great for adults when they read the ubiquitous bedtime story.

Carry on having fun - just getting ready for Monaco!

Auntie Betty

Anonymous said...

Tom says:


Sounds like you're having a great time.


Helen James and Tom

Rob said...

Glad Fluffy is enjoying himself and finding friends but guess he's really looking forward to reaching the snow and ice.

Robin xx

Rob said...

Made it to Nord Cap - well done!

Enjoy the midnight sun.

you've earned an extra cinnamon bun

R xxx

Janet said...

Sounds like a wonderful journey you're both having, Paul! Let's have some photos of you with Fluffy - he looks a bit lonely, sort of Princess-Di-at-the-Taj-Mahal-ish.
Janet x

Anonymous said...

Well done Fluffy for keeping Paul going. Is this just getting him in training for the next big adventure: back home to penguin land at the South Pole?

Great to see what you've both been up to, and we're inspired for a trip through that beautiful country ourselves in the near future! Onwards and upwards...

Matt & Mairwen