Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wednesday - part2

Another exhausting day (Thursday) so I'm hoping I will be able to add more about yesterday and then something about today before I fall asleep.

I took the tram into the centre and bought one of those useful pop out maps of the city. I did wonder what Fluffy might think of it but then remembered that he'd been here before. In fact we have the photographic evidence of him perusing the interesting menu in one of those infamous "coffee" bars and not only that but he was in the company of  not one but two ex girlfriends of Jimi Hendrix, this penguin has lived!

We had a good walk round and then I noticed that the map had a suggested 2 hour walk so we walked some more. Lots of wonderful architecture and beautiful canal scenes but very crowded with trams and bicycles hurtling everywhere. It seems there are several very distinct varieties of gables but I won't bore you with all their names, just show you some examples.

From the station I just dived down some side streets and of course found myself in the middle of the red light district! It's all a bit blatant and Fluffy didn't know where to look however his beak went up at the smells. An overriding aroma of burning marijuana seemed to hang over a large section of the city centre, even away from the more obvious places. We tried not to inhale and moved swiftly on. I found several markets which I do like especially of the flea variety, you never know what will be there. Found some model railway but decided against buying it then although thought I might return on Thursday to see if it was still there and maybe negotiate. 

Also found a tiny brewery, little shop at the front and a small brewery behind. I was too late for the guided tour but bought a small selection to bring home. My feet were beginning to ache so I made my way back to the station and caught the tram. Back at the campervan I prepared supper (from a tin!) and had a cycle ride around the island we are on. Decided that on Thursday I would seek out the antique centre mentioned in the guide as being the biggest in Holland, lots of stalls as well as the floating flower market.

Got myself ready for the first night in the van.

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Auntie Betty said...

Looks fab Paul. Love the sculpture and the flower market looked mouthwatering. Hope Fluffy hasn't been tainted by anything that he might have witnessed !!!

Auntie Betty