Saturday, 21 May 2011

Friday 20th May

My second night in the van was fine, I think I'm getting the hang of it however I am still losing things. I know they are here somewhere, in a box, in a cupboard, in a bag but it's surprising how things disappear. They all turn up again but at present I have no idea where I safely stashed the mouse, last used just a few hours ago!

After checking out of the campsite I went back into the city. I took the tram again, leaving the van in the car park outside the camp and headed straight for an Apple shop I knew was in the city. I say straight yet once again I was in the red light district but at that time of the morning there was nothing to make Fluffy blush. I think I now know where I go wrong and that is starting at the Central station. The map is not clear in that area and after successfully crossing several lanes for bikes, cars and trams the road I thought I should be on is actually at right angles to the road I am on, I wonder who sponsors these maps.

My route took me by the National Monument, not quite sure what it is supposed to represent but whatever it was it's impressive.

I made it to the Mac Store which looks a little like an Apple Store however there is a big difference. I had popped in on my first day but found that their internet wasn't working. Today I found it still wasn't working. I asked how come and was told that their technical expert was on holiday for two weeks so fixing the internet would have to wait for his return. I don't think Mr Jobs would have allowed that. I knew there was another shop so added that to my list for the morning. 

Walked through to the floating flower market again and lost Fluffy, now where can that little fellow be?

Another  browse round the big flea market at Waterlooplein (love it!!) and then on to the other Apple shop. There are no official Apple Stores in the Netherlands yet, there should be one coming this October, so they have to make do with official resellers. This second shop was welcoming and they had a good laugh when I told them about the lack of internet at their rival's store. I was directed to a very nice iMac which I used to take a picture of Fluffy in Photo Booth and then sent it with the "Obligatory greeting from an Apple shop" to a Mac forum i frequent.

An early lunch during my walk was an excellent toasted pitta type bread, opened and stuffed with freshly cooked falalefels and a variety of salad. Fluffy also wanted one last picture by a canal.

Back to the campsite to pick up the van and the use of their facilities. Walking in I noticed someone coming towards me wearing an Apple t-shirt so I had to say hello. Meet Charles from Florida.

Charles is the one with the beard and he had just come from the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Trondheim, Norway where he came fourth in the freestyle class.

After leaving the "facilities" I was surprised by a very loud female voice which ordered me to turn right in 20 yards, I had forgotten that Tom Tom was in my pocket. Surprised other people as well!

I had decided to go to a campsite at Leeuwarden and the route took me across the Afsluitdijk, a very impressive structure that contains the waters to the south east and helps stop flooding as well as providing a link between these two parts of the country. I stopped part the way across to walk over the foot bridge.

This was the view in one direction...

…and this is the other way.

Made it to the campsite but the internet was not free and only worth the cost if staying for a week so I declined. This will be posted the next time I have access.

So far I have been taking it fairly easy with the driving but tomorrow will be the first of the longer hauls. I am due to arrive at our friend's house in Aalborg on Sunday, that is about 430 miles. I am hoping that tomorrow I should be able to leave the Netherlands, get through Germany and cross the border into Denmark before finding the next site, that will be about 330 miles.


Sarah said...

Words and pictures made me smile and I'm glad you found fluffy again! I hope he's behaving. xxxxx

Auntie Betty said...

Well, Sarah, if he's anything like his owner!!!! But then you should know I guess - ha ha.

Fascinating Paul, I'm so glad you let us 'in' on your adventure.

Auntie Betty

Joanna said...

Think we might have to buy Fluffy a lead, I do get very worried about him... xxx