Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tuesday 24th May

This morning I had to sadly take my leave of my Danish friends, the three of us again Skyped Sarah back in Norfolk to say hellos and goodbyes.

The next leg of the journey was to head south again and then east over the new bridge however in the last couple of days the wind has been increasing and the campervan seems to be very susceptible. It wasn't even a steady strong wind but constant gusting which meant that my speed had to be reduced from the fairly moderate usual pace and I had to keep gripping the wheel to keep it straight and on the road. I quickly decided that unless the weather changed very much for the better and soon then I would be taking the longer even more southern route which involved a ferry. This decision was made an absolute after a chat with some lorry drivers at a service station. It seemed the bridge was closed to everything except cars and I would not be allowed to cross anyway.

We made it down to the ferry at Spodsbjerg and took the 45 minute crossing to Tårs. The water was choppy but I was fine.

Here is Fluffy attempting to find his sea legs.

Arriving and about to dock at Tårs.

Due to the long detour, the slower speed and the wait for the ferry I thought I had better check that the camp at Roskilde would still be taking people in during the evening. There was no answer on the phone so decided to go for a nearer site and found one at Tappernoje. A much more basic one than previous sites but much cheaper and perfectly acceptable however no internet.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmnnn So you only grip the wheel when it's windy eh Paul?

Fluffy doesn't look too happy on that Ferry.