Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's Saturday in Denmark

It might even be Saturday with you. 

I didn't manage to leave quite as early as I wished as once again no-one was in the office before 9.00 am so it was 9.20 by the time I got going. I must remember to check when receptions open if I want to get off early again and deal with all paperwork the night before if needed.

Today was a driving day, late breakfast was had about 11.00 and we were in Germany by 11.20, and out again at 4.40 pm. What can I say about Germany from my short stay? The road surface got noticeably worse after crossing the border from the Netherlands. The main E22 had almost continual roadworks for about 50 miles with little snatches of clear road when there was a junction then back to four lanes being squeezed on just one side of the carriageway. Mostly the traffic moved well but the lanes were very narrow and if a lorry overtook you had to breathe in so it was a little less relaxing. Otherwise the road signs were excellent with plenty of warnings of upcoming junctions or parking places. The drive through Hamburg took us by the dock area which was enormous, stretched in both directions with cranes and containers but we sailed above it all.

I had seen on a map and in an old Camping Club book that there was a campsite at Aabenraa, just over the border in Denmark, and had made reasonable time considering the slow speed of the van. Unfortunately, after searching down various roads I found someone who told me that the site had shut last year. They suggested another which is where I am now for the night but it's back south a few miles. It shouldn't make much difference to tomorrow's leg of the journey which is to Aalborg.

Hmmmm, I must have miscalculated somewhere as checking with Tom and it will be 177 miles, I was expecting more like 140. No matter, I was thinking of arriving in the afternoon so it will be fine. Today's mileage was 356. No photos today.


Sarah said...

Hello! Great to know you've reached Denmark safely! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Its Saturday evening and we've just sat down with a coffee to read your Blog. Really enjoyed it - a travel writer in the making! You haven't mentioned the weather - not very british of you! Catch up again next week - have fun. Tim & Selina

Auntie Betty said...

Definitely a book in the making - Fluffy Takes Paul on a Trip or something like that!!!

Luvvy Jubbly Paul - thanks for the opportunity of sharing your adventures.

Auntie Betty

kb said...

What a fantastic trip you are on Paul. We hope you have a wonderful time xxxx Kay and Frank in sunny Ashtead

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul
Aunt Betty pointed me in your direction on the F1 site.
I look forward to reading more about your adventure.
And dont let that Fluffy lead you astray:-))
Pete (MGA)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your next step. Hoping that all is well. The photos are very nice, hope to see more of Fluffy!
Sam (Sam3)

Big Bruv said...

Hi Little Bruv, you seem to be doing OK for a novice campervsan man.

Your commentaries are all very interesting and sometimes familiar like the big dike and the Floating Market.