Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wednesday 25th - part 2 -Roskilde cathedral

Most of this posting will be photos. Although there had been previous churches on the site, the building of the present brick one was started in the 1170s but this was altered in the following century and the main body completed in 1280. Since then there have been many additions of porches, chapels and other structures each in the style of their particular age.

The first pictures will be of the outside.

Since the Reformation all the Danish kings and some of the queens have been buried here, some having their own burial chapel.

We all have to go sometime and they have even designed the final resting place for the present queen.

I haven't shown all the photos but will upload them to the Flickr site which is linked to at the bottom of the blog. Hopefully I will be able to add details about each one when time permits but I have to keep moving!

Did I mention that I thought the cathedral was absolutely wonderful? A truly beautiful and awe inspiring building, if you ever have the chance to visit then do so.

For this who like to be ahead with technology it might come as a surprise to know that Bluetooth has been around for over 1000 years. In this case it was Harald Bluetooth who died in 986 and is also buried here.

There was also more to the Viking culture than we first thought.


Auntie Betty said...

Lovely pics Paul. Notice none of Fluffy - am wondering if he popped over to Monaco as, apparently there was a large poster with penguins on it being shown by fans.

He's a little devil isn't he !!!

Auntie Betty

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Great pics and it sounds like you are not homesick yet.

Have to admit, I thought the same as Aunt B when the commentary team mentioned the penguin banner for Schumi in Monaco. :o)

Keep on having fun sir.


Big Bruv said...

Hi little Bruv, as you say the Cathedral is quite stunning. Keep up the good work.