Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday 25th May

This morning I headed for Roskilde and went first to the campsite I was hoping to stay at last night. During the booking in I found out that have no internet access available so I went for the cheaper option without electric hook up however this was the view from where I will be parked for the night.

On the skyline towards the left is the cathedral and just below it beside the water is the Roskilde Viking museum to where I then headed. We have been before but it must be over 20 years ago however I remember it as being a great favourite of mine. More has been added since our last visit and although I didn't go in to the main museum building there was much to see in the area nearby including the museum's boatyard.

Moored here was the Sea Stallion, a replica of one of the Viking boats within the museum. It had been found that the original in the museum had actually been built in Ireland and so the replica was sailed back there in 2007 and was the subject of a documentary.

The museum's boatyard has made many replicas.

I think this one was Fluffy's favourite.

Here is one in the process of being built.

And here is one that was being rowed into harbour.

Some other photos taken at the museum.

In the middle photo they are making rope. The lower picture is the main museum building and the one we went to on our first visit.

Afterwards I walked through a very nice park to the cathedral but that needs a bit more time to deal with so I will call it a day. I have found wifi at the Roskilde library and they are about to close but maybe I will return in the morning before setting off for yet another country, Sweden.


Sarah said...

Wonderful! If I can comment about all 3 blogs at once, it's great to have a catch-up and see all your photos. I'm not surprised Fluffy was drawn to that particular boat! xxxxx

Joanna [not the boat] said...

Will come back to look at this properly later - our internet is being useless and has only decided to load one photo, but it's a very nice one photo. Good choice, Fluffy! xxx

Big Bruv said...

Hi Little Bruv, catching up again. Michael Andersen definitely was connected some years cago with the Viking Museum in Roskilde. He lives in Roskilde although he now works in the Main Museums in Copenhagen.