Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sunday 22nd May

Sorry about the delay in updating, this will happen occasionally due to lack of wi-fi access, tiredness or just having too much fun.

I left the campsite at Krusa and as I had a bit of time before arriving in Aalborg I had a look at the map and decided to visit Vejle. As I turned off the main road it started to rain and by the time I was parked it was bucketing down accompanied by thunder and lightning. I waited a while to see if it would ease but when it didn't I drove the short distance to the railway station and bought a mini pizza. Not sure whether that was a late breakfast or an early lunch, meals seem to be a bit haphazard and taken when convenient rather than at set times.  I continued on my way and arrived, after a very long delay due to roadworks, with our friends in Aalborg. It was lovely to see them again and they looked after me very well. That evening we Skyped Sarah to say hello and the four of us chatted for a while . The evening continued with good food, a certain amount of drink, wonderful conversation and I even managed to see a recording of the last half of the day's Grand Prix. Very, very late to bed.

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