Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Monday 23rd May

I had a bit of a lie in this morning with a gentle start to the day, much appreciated. Lisalotte and Niels Peter took me to Lindholm Høje, one of the most notable ancient monuments in Denmark. The area was a settlement and burial site from the 5th century through to about 1050 AD. The later time was during the Viking age. The first big excavation of the area was done in 1952 but there had been some done from 1889. Despite being on the high ground the whole site had been covered by drifting sands up to 4m deep and this had helped preserve a lot of the artefacts. If you want to know more then Google it, I will continue with photos.

Each burial is marked with stones, sometimes a single one and sometimes a ring. The rings can be boat shape or circular and this can depend on the sex of the interred.

Followers of the TV programme Time Team will know that this has to be a special place for the ancients as it occupies high ground near water.

After a walk around the burial area we went into the museum which is very well set out with most items given an English translation, absolutely fascinating.

later we went into Aalborg and walked round. unfortunately the church (or was it a cathedral Liselotte?) was closed but the outside is beautiful as are so many other buildings.

I think Niels Peter was attempting to emulate the "pregnant house".

The waterside, like in so many cities and towns, is being developed with new buildings and conversion of old ones to new uses. 

This was leaving while we were there.

Here is the entrance to an inner courtyard of a potter/sculptor.

And here is just a selection of what is inside.

We returned for another lovely meal, a little less drink and still more great conversation. Late again to bed.

The photos will also be uploaded to Fluffy's Flickr site so can be viewed there in more detail, link at the bottom of the blog.


Auntie Betty said...

Hmm that Potter's work looks interesting Paul.

Auntie Betty

Big Bruv said...

Hi Little Bruv, Ann's cousin Michael Andersen ( who was with us for 5 days in Norfolk) did a number of Exhibitions about the Vikings boats and burials 15 - 20 years ago on Jylland. Will have to ask him if this included work on Lindholm Hoje