Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday 7th June

There is a tunnel running from beneath the main hall to a bar and stage area which has a large picture window overlooking the sea. The window is protected by steel shutters during the winter as a little snow can build up on the viewing area outside.

Fortunately there is still room to see out over the water.

It seemed strange to have small Thai museum here but the exhibits were given to Nordkapp to commemorate the King of Siam's visit over 100 years ago.

Pictures of the area and to show we both did get here.

Celebrating with a glass of wine and Sarah's gorgeous fruit cake.

And here is the midnight sun, well the midnight glow of the sun just behind some clouds but note that even it is midnight the sun is nowhere near the horizon.

I was awoken at about 3 am by the camper being rocked about by wind, it was still blowing hard when I got up a few hours later. The final 6 miles or so to get here is on a very windy, narrow, steep road with no barriers and I was a little nervous in the still of yesterday so was not looking forward to doing the return in this wind. It didn't seem to be going away so thought I would just go for it when there was little traffic about so at 8.00 I was on my way.

Then it started raining!

Fortunately as we came down from the plateau the wind did lessen although occasionally I would turn a corner and it would hit us after sweeping down a valley but we made it to slightly better roads and I could go at speeds greater than 29 mph again.

I won't be returning via the same route but will be heading for Stockholm next however the first 150 miles will be back to Alta. I read that much of the architecture of Alta is undistinguished which seems a bit harsh however the town, like so many other towns, villages, farms and even churches were subject to the Scorched Earth policy of the retreating occupied forces and everything was destroyed. The subsequent rebuilding did not allow for niceties in style but hopefully things are changing. It does have a very nice library and that has internet so hello!


Auntie Betty said...

Congratulations, Paul, what a satisfying achievement and lovely to be able to share it with you. Hope you have an equally interesting journey back and give Fluffy a hug from me!!! I'm sure he's quite exhausted with all the excitement etc.

Stunning pics as usual !!

Auntie Betty

Sarah said...

So glad there is photographic evidence of you and Fluffy at 71°10'21"! And more beautiful pictures. Glad you are enjoying the cake! Surprised there is any left though, or were you keeping a slice for a special occasion? I've just had a look through Flickr, too. Wonderful. Take care. xxxxx