Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Monday 6th June

Next destination was to be the rock carvings just outside of Alta and I made the car park there by 11.30 am. The first carvings were found in 1973 and the estimate now is that there are over 6000. The area is now on the World Heritage List. Due to the vegetation being easily damaged and taking a long time to repair itself the museum has made some excellent wooden walkways which take you to the carvings which are dated as being up to 6200 years old although some are only 3200 years old! 

There was a carving found earlier than 1973 by a farmer while ploughing in 1950 and this original stone is on display inside the museum. Archeologists called it the Pippi stone after the children's book character Pippi Longstocking.

Here is a photo of the carvings as they were found, I have actually tweaked the picture by increasing the contrast so that the markings can be seen more easily. To make them more clear the museum has shown some of them up by using the same reddish pigment used for ancient cave paintings, it could be they were originally painted this way but that has not been proved conclusively yet.

Moving on, where is everyone?

This was a straight road for more than 5 miles and we were alone, it seems we are at about 1600 feet.

Who said reindeer were timid? I have now seen hundreds of them and they are not afraid of the traffic although they do get wary if the vehicle stops nearby.

I thought that I would get near to Nordkapp today and then do the final 50 miles on Tuesday but looking at my satnav I thought, why not go for it? So I paid the exorbitant toll for the tunnel (one way so I have to pay again to get out), paid the Nordkapp area entrance fee and here I am! I was told where I should park and thought they are very neatly arranged but of course they are all facing to see the midnight sun.

There's a museum, displays , shop, cafe, chapel to get married in and hotel here so a little commercialised but nowhere near as much as Land's End for those who know that. One thing they don't have is internet which is a shame.

I will leave it there for now and tomorrow's blog will hopefully have a bit more about it.

Yippeeeeeee, I did it!!!!!!

Have to get back home now.


Sarah said...

Wonderful pictures again. Hard to conceive of those carvings being that old! Very calm looking reindeer. Congratulations on reaching your destination today! Now travel safely home. xxxxx

Lisa said...

*So* proud of my Daddy! :D
It's been wonderful reading and seeing your journey, and I'm so glad you decided to go for it.
Looking forward to reading about your journey back again and giving you lots of big hugs when you get home

adrian w said...

Congratulations on your achievement paul(& fluffy).
Interesting about those rock carvings, we saw some similar ones when we were in Fredrikstown last year. Also supposed to be about 5000 years old.