Thursday, 2 June 2011

Monday 30th May

Everything back in the camper and we are back on the road again. I headed for the middle of Oslo and after parking I found the tourist information to ask if there was a suitable place to park up for the night. they suggested a huge parking area to the north which is base for running and hiking but has easy access to the centre via the Metro system.

It seemed that the Duke of Luxembourg was visiting so there were hundreds of marching soldiers.

After a quick visit to the museum area of Bygd√ły I drove up to the new ski facility at Holmenkollen. I don't ski but I was very impressed with the ski jump building and the spectators area.

These overlooked it all.

And this is the view they have.

You also get fantastic views over the city.

I parked the camper where it will be for the night and headed into the city using the Metro. Eivind, who lives in Oslo, had kindly suggested that I phoned him when I was there and he would take me for a tour. A tour by a local is usually much better than you can do yourself and Eivind was excellent. A wander through the city pointing out the Nobel Peace Centre, along the waterfront which has changed a lot since Sarah and I were here last. On to the castle and all the while Eivind was giving me information about the architecture, the buildings we saw and the history of Norway. 

Showed me where a few museums were that I would be interested in seeing tomorrow and then to the new Opera House of which he was obviously very proud and quite rightly, it's a stunning building which my pictures do not do justice. I then headed back to the camper.

Many, many thanks Eivind for the fascinating tour.


Joanna said...

Am I missing something with the third picture, or did someone really actually ski right over your head? Everything looks lovely and exciting, you're getting to see some wonderful views, I'm very jealous but also proud to have a father who takes such great pictures. xxxx

Big Bruv said...

Hi Little Bruv, I can only echo Joanna's comment on the number and quality of the photols you are posting.