Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sunday 5th June

This should be a driving day with no major diversions although the main European Route 6 does become a ferry for a while between Bognes and Skarberget so there is an enforced break while we wait for a sailing. It has been a bit breezy however the water looks reasonably flat so hopefully the crossing will be good, it should only take 25 minutes once we get going. There are two ferry crossings up here and they appear to be the only route that vehicles can get further north in Norway as the only other ways seem to be footpaths. Looking at the map of Sweden it looks like you have to go a long way east before there are actual roads.

Photos, here is where we spent the night.

Ferry and views from.

The road ahead.

The road seemed good, there was no rain and I wasn't tired so decided to drive into the evening. We hugged the shoreline of a fjord so no great change in gradients, just sweeping bends with some straights…perfect driving roads, the Maserati would have loved these! 

Having said that Norway provides regular areas to stop when I thought it was time there were none to be found. There were houses dotted along the way, probably for fisherman as there were many frames for nets on the beaches and I believe that areas for stopping are not placed near to habitation so I had to keep driving along this idyllic road for a bit longer. It was after 11.00 pm before I came across my stopping point for the night and by then I was definitely ready for it. There were a couple of bonuses though, firstly I was nearer to Nordkapp than I had expected to be but much better than that, I saw an elk! Actually I saw a pair of elks that had just crossed the road in front of me and were wondering how to climb the bank at the side.  Traffic didn't seem to be a concern and there was just a momentary turn of their heads as I went by. Unfortunately no pictures.

The parking spot was welcome but nothing special to look at so no picture there either.

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