Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Home again

As mentioned in the comments for my previous entry I am now home. The whole journey took a few hours less than four weeks in which I drove well over 5500 miles or almost 9000 km. It took about three weeks to reach Nordkapp due to my meanderings and a week to get back even though an extra country was involved. Seven countries in total including the UK with five different currencies. The campervan behaved impeccably and managed to achieve an average of over 40 miles to the gallon which is about 32 mpg for those in the US I think. I did post a few pictures of the outside but for those who don't know these vehicles, here are some shots of the interior.

The front seats both have adjustable armrests which are very comfortable for long distance driving. When parked up they can both be swivelled round to face the rear.

Moving back the unit on the left contains the fridge, the sink and the two gas rings. The cover lifts off and can be attached to the swivelling arm just seen bottom left becoming a table. The fridge works either with12 volts from the vehicle, gas or 220/240 volts from the mains hook up when at a campsite.

Under the rear seat are the water containers and when the tap is turned on an electric pump moves the water to the sink. Behind the cardboard box is a built in gas heater. The seat folds down to become a bed, supposedly a double but because of the cupboards it is a narrow double, perfectly comfortable for one though. There is a second double bed available when the pop top roof is raised. I did occasionally raise it as that gives more headroom when at the sink or hob. As you can see there are several cupboards.

A few last photos, Fluffy looking at the boats going by on the ferry back to Harwich.

Also on board was this 1930s Morgan 3 wheeler.

Sorry, I forgot to change the light settings for that picture. The owner was returning from a gathering in the Netherlands of the Dutch Morgan Three Wheeler Club, it seems there are a few over there.

And here we are back home, the picture taken the next day as we didn't arrive until about 10.30 in the evening.

I suppose I could write about why I did it and what I gained from it but I don't think I will apart from saying that it definitely wasn't a midlife (or little bit later than midlife) crisis but it was a wonderful experience which I don't need to do again!

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